Down Right Dragons

Seido Wellington offers a weekly class for children and young adults with Down syndrome and/or special needs. This is a unique opportunity for special needs students to learn an exciting and challenging martial art in a safe, supportive and fun environment.
Karate is an ideal activity for special needs students. The physical aspect of
Seido Karate will improve coordination, flexibility, motor skills, muscle control, balance and concentration, as well as stamina. Seido Karate also places an emphasis on bringing out the best in students through developing their confidence, self-respect and self-discipline.
Students in the Down Right Dragons class learn karate in a friendly and encouraging setting. Seido Wellington’s programme gradually takes the student through the karate grades at his or her own pace.
Promotions to the next grade are an annual event and give the students the opportunity to show what they have learnt throughout the year.
The Down Right Dragons train as a distinct group under the guidance of a
group of Seido instructors.
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