Senpai Ann Stephen

Like many other parents, Senpai Ann was introduced to Seido karate in 2005 from the sidelines, watching kids being put through their paces by Sei Shihan Ben Otang at Thorndon dojo.  The community atmosphere and promotion of values, such as being the best you can be, stood out as special and more than just physical exercise. Early in 2006 she joined the dojo and her own Seido karate journey began.

Senpai Ann, along with Sensei Ange, runs the Sunday class for students with Down Syndrome and other special needs. This class has surprised and inspired her and the relationships that have developed are a highlight of her karate journey. Her aims in assisting at this class are to gently push and develop students to their potential, as well as build confidence, physical strength and ability.

Senpai Ann graded to shodan in June 2015 and achieved nidan level in June 2018. She is also a regular at the Saturday morning stretch and Sunday fitness classes. Other highlights of her karate journey are the yearly Forest Lakes camps and relationships with the wide range of people that make up the Seido Wellington dojo community.