Class information

There’s a lot to take in when you’re new to karate, but there are also lots of people who want to help you to pick it all up. You’ll learn all of the syllabus that you need at the beginners’ classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights, but you’re also very welcome at a lot of the other classes we offer. Coming to these classes will not only give you a chance to look at parts of the syllabus in more detail, it’ll also be a good way to meet and train with some of the good folks at the dojo.

If you’ve got questions about any of the classes, ask at the front desk, or ask that class’ main instructor, or just come along and give it a try!

Syllabus classes

Your first couple of classes with us are likely to be syllabus classes. You’ll be learning from senior black belts who will take you through the basics of Seido karate. The instruction will be tailored to your level, and you’ll be training with other white belts and a mix of coloured belts. Once you have graded for the first time, you’ll be able to attend classes for your new grade, as well as general classes for all kyu grades.

You don’t need anything special to come to the beginners’ classes – just wear clothes that will let you move freely and get a bit sweaty. If you decide you want to train with us long-term, you will want to buy a gi (karate uniform). You can buy these from the dojo, or from any martial arts supply store.


If you’re starting karate, you’ll probably find you’ll get fitter just by attending the beginners’ classes, but if you’re a real exercise junkie, our fitness classes are the place for you. You’ll get a good workout at these classes, but you’ll also get some bag work in which will help improve your punching and kicking. There’s nothing like hitting a bag to get a sense of how those techniques work. These classes aren’t formal karate classes, so no need to wear your gi. You can find out a lot more about our fitness programme here.


Extension kata class: Friday 7:00-7:45. Main instructors: Kyoshi Julie Herron and Sensei Cath Duthie. If you really want to dig into the intricacies of kata and get comfortable with them forwards, backwards, and any other way, this is the class to go to. Even if you don’t know any kata yet, you’ll pick them up here.

Kata class: Saturday 9:00-10:00. Main instructor: Jun Shihan Anna Morgan. This is one of the best-attended classes of the week, and a great way to get comfortable with your kata and meet a lot of your fellow karateka.


Wednesday 7:00-7:45. Main instructors: Sei Shihan Peter Flowers. Come along and get that mawashi geri up to head height (or waist height). This is another class where wearing your gi isn’t required, although you will need to wear clothes you can move and stretch in.


1st Wednesday of the month: 7:30 to 8:00; all other Wednesdays: 8:00 to 8:30. Main instructor: Kyoshi Julie Herron. Meditation is one of the foundations of Seido karate, and this class is a great way to add to your practice of karate. We do seated meditation as well as walking meditation, and there’s time for questions afterwards. You’ll want to wear loose, comfortable clothes (warm clothes in winter), but not necessarily your gi.