For any students with a promotion coming up, attendance at fitness classes will assist with your technique, improve your fitness and increase grading conditioning. Classes also help with improved mental strength & toughness and is a fun way to challenge yourself in a supportive environment.
Fitness class:

  • Offers an opportunity for challenging and varied workouts
  • Requires little or no special equipment
  • Creates a sense of camaraderie among the participants
  • Improves technique
  • Improves fitness for attendees and offers another mechanism to increase grading conditioning for candidates
  • Allows an opportunity to do stuff that brings back the ‘fun’ factor
  • Develops improved mental strength / toughness
  • Fosters social connection

Newbies are always welcome!

Monday lunch

12:15pm – 1pm
Kyoshi Bruce Millard
Focuses on traditional karate techniques (punching and kicking combinations, skill development, body movement activities, agility) using hand held punching bags with partners. Sessions also include cardio and strength-based activities and work on developing fitness, speed, endurance and improved technique.
Equipment we use – gloves, hand held punching bags, weights, benches & medicine balls

Monday fitness is suitable for those with some experience in basic karate moves (how to punch and kick), but newbies are always welcome

Tuesday ‘Brucefit’

6:15pm – 7pm
Kyoshi Bruce Millard
Modelled on a box-fit structure with partners utilising the gym area of the dojo. Using both fixed and hand held punching bags, sessions focus on punching and kicking sequences punctuated with different cardio exercises. This class is useful for students to focus on repetition and endurance, fitness, and to test new skills.
Equipment we use – gloves & weights

Tuesday ‘Brucefit’ is suitable for those with some experience in basic karate moves and have a moderate level of fitness; however, newbies are always welcome

Thursday lunch

12:15pm – 1pm
Senpai Cath Duthie
Differs from Monday lunch time and modeled on a boot camp concept. High intensity, cardio and interval training (e.g. Tabata sequences) sessions focusing on improving fitness, physical and mental strength and stamina and endurance. Sessions also focus on pushing students perceived limits.
Equipment we use – gloves, hand held punching bags, weights, medicine balls, gloves & benches

Thursday Fitness is suitable for all levels of fitness with a focus on individuals taking self-responsibility for their level of intensity and participation – newbies are always welcome

Sunday morning

9.30am – 10.30am
Senpai Hamish McIntosh
Includes a combination of Monday and Thursday lunchtime class activities involving both individual and partnered bag work focusing on aerobic and/or strengthening circuits. Class may also include testing new exercise routines picked up from other activities (i.e. dance) to assist with strength and flexibility and an opportunity to focus on repetition and endurance.

This class is often the first fitness class karate students attend so aims to familiarise students with the kinds of exercises and structure in the class so they can join in easily if they go on to attend lunchtime classes.
Equipment we use – gloves, hand held punching bags, weights, medicine balls gloves & benches

Sunday fitness is suitable for those new to dojo fitness programmes.