Monday4:00-4:55Blue beltsJulie Herron
Cath Duthie
5:00-5:55Beginners and white belts
Cath Duthie
Julie Herron
Tuesday5:00-5:55Yellow beltsMegan McKee
Ed Goode
Wednesday3:45-4:25Little Dragons and youth beginnersBen Otang
Peter Streefland
4:30-5:45Green and BrownAlistair Weekes
Siobhan Lilley
Friday5:00-7:30Kaizen Sport Karate: 5 - 6pm intro to points sparring for children; 6 - 7.30pm sports karateLeo Donnelly
Saturday8:00-9:00 amStretchPeter Flowers
9:00-10:00 amKata Senior black belts
Sunday10:30-11:30 amDown Right Dragons (children and young adults with special needs)Angela Brown
Ann Stephen
3:30-5:30Kaizen Sport KarateLeo Donnelly


Note: Children aged 10 and over and who are graded at brown belt or higher may attend the adults’ class on the first Wednesday of each month, 6 – 7.30 pm.