Senpai Raven Townsend

Senpai Raven remembers starting karate in 2007 as a 6-year-old when the dojo was located in Thorndon.  His first instructors were Sei Shihan Ben Otang and Kyoshi Peter Streefland. His reason for starting karate was that a friend was doing it and Senpai Raven didn’t want to be left behind. As it turned out the friend quit pretty quickly, but Senpai Raven kept going because he enjoyed it so much.

That non-quitting attitude paid off for Senpai Raven. He kept up his karate training throughout his primary and secondary schooling and in 2017, while in his final year of college, he graded to shodan.

While preparing for his shodan he had the opportunity to train with his peers at Lower Hutt dojo and experience the wider Seido community spirit.

Having started his karate training at such a young age, Senpai Raven is able to bring a unique perspective and special rapport to the children’s classes where he is now an assistant instructor.  He really wants his young students to embrace the karate spirit. Reflecting on words from Kaicho Nakumura, Senpai Raven says “I think the principle of technique over strength, spirit over technique is the key to everything, especially a good kata.”

In terms of karate as a whole he like how an equal emphasis is placed on the physical and mental sides of karate. Within the Seido Wellington dojo he particularly enjoys how every instructor brings their own style of instruction encouraging students to have the freedom to develop their own unique style of karate.