Senpai Christine Barraud

Senpai Christine started karate in 2011 after moving with her family to New Zealand from New York. She joined in order to try something new with her kids while establishing a new routine to help adjust to life in a new country. Christine enjoys fitness and sports of all kinds and has found that karate has helped maintain physical fitness as well as mental well-being. She is thankful to have had so many knowledgeable and dedicated instructors throughout her Seido journey. Christine graded to Shodan in 2016, Nidan in 2018, and San Dan in 2022.
Karate has taught her that “No matter what age, physical limit, or mental block one might have… we can overcome most challenges”. Christine has found that karate is a fantastic outlet to continue achieving personals goals as well as connecting with people here and from all over the world.