Jun Shihan Avis Macadam

Jun Shihan Avis started her karate training in Nelson with Hanshi Andy Barber in 1986; probably as a result of a New Year’s Eve resolution and not so subtle pressure from friends. Moving to Wellington soon afterwards the dojo proved to be a lively and welcoming dojo for a nervous 9th kyu.

She graded to shodan in 1992, officiated by Hanshi Renzie and Hanshi Andy at the occasion of the official opening of the Manawatu dojo.

A highlight of the Seido karate style is the opportunity to train in many different dojos. In 1996 Jun Shihan Avis was privileged to be part of the NZ team that took part in the International tournament celebrating the 20th anniversary of Seido Worldwide.  Held in New York, it was a wonderful occasion to visit Honbu, train with Kaicho Nakamura, and forge friendships with karateka from many countries that endure to this day.

Over the last 30+ years Jun Shihan Avis has been actively involved in supporting the Wellington dojo as it has evolved and developed new programmes. At various times she has taught classes across the spectrum of students and currently provides back-up instruction as work and travel permit.

With a grandson now training she is reminded of the importance of always revisiting the basics of our karate practice; and the value of continuing to take small steps…these small steps contribute to a journey of lifelong learning and appreciation of others who guide the way.