If you’re keen on physical fitness with a martial arts theme, Seido Wellington’s fitness classes will appeal to you. And you don’t even need to be a member of the Seido Wellington club to join in – these classes are open to any adult who enjoys being challenged physically, and who loves to kick and punch a bag.

Seido Wellington offers five fitness classes each week, and a stretch/yoga session. The classes combine circuits, weight training and punching bag work. We’re a martial arts club, so this means you’ll learn to punch and kick a bag correctly and safely.

Seido Wellington has a wide range of punching bags, swing bags, focus mitts, dumbells and a gym – and these are all used in the fitness sessions. We also take advantage of our location in Brooklyn’s Central Park and sometimes incorporate its stairs, paths and climbing equipment in the fitness classes.

The classes are informal. Shorts, gym gear or gi pants can be worn, and bag gloves can be provided.

Fees for the fitness sessions are $55 a month.

Contact us if you’re keen to have a go.