Maybe you’ve seen martial arts movies, or tried some karate moves at your gym; perhaps you’ve always wanted to have a go at karate. Whatever your motivation, you’re welcome at Seido Wellington – and your first two classes are free.

The club offers a friendly, supportive and fun way to learn Seido Karate. This is an exciting and dynamic martial art, based on a traditional martial arts philosophy. It’s a great way to get fit, relieve stress, and improve your flexibility and coordination. It is more than a chance to challenge yourself physically, because Seido Karate is also about personal growth and development.

As an adult new to Seido Karate, you’ll be in a class designed specifically for people just beginning their karate training. Once you’ve trained for four or so months, you should be ready to attempt your first promotion. After that, you’ll be able to attend a wider range of classes. Sparring begins once you’ve been training for about three years.

Membership fees for adults are $95 per month; they are less if you’re a full-time student or on a family concession. Download a new member’s registration form here.New Member Registration Form 2015

Contact us if you’re ready to join Seido Wellington – we’d love to see you.

Beginners Guide