DayTimeClass Main instructor
Monday12:15-1:00FitnessBruce Millard
6:00-7:00Blue and yellow beltsBen Otang and Christine Barraud
7:00-8:00Monthly moduleSee calendar for details
Tuesday12:15-1:00Black beltsBen Otang and Siobhan Lilley
6:00-7:00Beginners and all gradesAnna Morgan and Avis Macadam
7:00-8:00Green and brown beltsBen Otang
8:00-8:30Sparring (green belts and
Ben Otang
Wednesday6:00-7:00Sandan and aboveBen Otang and Jun Shihans
7:00-8:00Shodan and nidanBen Otang and Julie Herron
8:00-8:30MeditationJulie Herron
Thursday12:15-1:00FitnessFiona Ramsay
6:00-7:00Beginners and all gradesBen Otang and Geoff Seed
7:00-8:00Blue belts and aboveAnna Morgan
8:00-8:30Sparring techniques (advanced yellow belts and above)Ben Otang and Geoff Seed
Friday7:00-7:45 amExtension Kata Julie Herron and Cath Duthie
12:15-1:00General classYvonne van Velzen and Nike Sharma
12.15 - 1.00Open dojo/fitnessPhil Seemann (in the bag room)
6:00-7:30Kaizen Sport KarateLeo Donnelly
Saturday8:00-9:00 amYoga/stretchPeter Flowers and Avis Macadam
9:00-10:00 amKata Peter Flowers
10:00-11:00 amSparring (green belts and above)Bruce Millard
Sunday8:30-9:30 amBlack beltsSenior black belts
9:30-10:30 amFitness Hamish McIntosh
10.30 - 11.30amDown Right Dragons - children and young adults with special needsAngela Brown and
Ann Stephen
3:30-5:30Kaizen Sport KarateLeo Donnelly


  • Black and brown belts train together on the first Wednesday of each month, 6 – 7.30 pm.
  • All black belts train together on the third Wednesday of each month, 6 – 7.30 pm.