SIT 2013 Youth Results

Event First Second Third
kata Peewees Abhay Sharma Jiji Davis Theo Barraud
Kata WB 7-10 Abby Lim Neev Mackenzie Bronte Walshe
Kata WB 11-15 Ryan Mason Ariel Clisby Luca Mitchell
Kata BB 7-10 Kingi Lewin Vivek patel Marcus Wong
Kata BB 11-15 Caitlyn Lewin Angus Horan Latisha Kumar
Kata YB 7-10 Max Henley Tornissa Macky Joshua Hall
Kata YB 11-15 Liam Trimmer Beattie Mikayla Lewin Kerenza Robertson
Kata GB 7-10 Christina Leong William Leong Ayana Sue
Kata GB 11-15 Neihana Anderson Clark Gabriela Bantas Nicky McCleery
Kata BrB 11-15 Jordan van der Weilen GeorgeBrock Lewis Fraser
Kata Junior Black Liam Fitzsimon Stefan Baldwin Cory Loibl
Tag <7 Boys Abhay Sharma Mason Carey Luka Bramwell
Tag <7 Girls Jess Owens-Blackmore Esme McKeefry Ava-Rose Rona-Luke
Tag WB 7-10 Boys Harrison Fink Connor Piper George Symmans
Tag WB 7-10 Girls Bethany Baker Neev Mackenzie Stazsia Goodfellow
Tag WB 11-15 Boys Rome Carroll Ryan Marson Thomas Baker
Tag BB 7-10 Boys Kingi Lewin Patrick Gray Ben Ellis
Tag 7-10 BB Girls Hannah Merett-Kaufman Brooklyn Davison
Tag BB 11-15 Boys Dean Dugdale Beck Taylor Angus Horan
Tag BB 11-15 Girls Caitlyn Lewin Latisha Kumar Jasinta Mani
Tag YB 7-10 Boys Joshua Hall Elliot Blade Max Henley
Tag YB 7-10 Girls Morgyn Jakob Tornissa Macky
Tag YB 11-15 Boys Hamish Horan Lawrence Webster James McInnes
Tag YB 11-15 Girls Mikayala Lewin Kerenza Robertson Michelle Alexander
Points GB 7-10 Boys William Leong Finn McKeefry Jon Peter Rounce-Sue
Points GB 7-10 Girls Christina Leong Anaya Sue
Points GB 11-15 Boys Jackson Barber Joshua Evans Hashim Mir
Points GB 11-15 Girls Gabriela Bantas Anri Ichikawa Ella Hocquard
Points BrB 11-15 Boys George Brock Sean Lane Turner Lewis Fraser
Points BrB 11-15 Girls Grace Dudley Lily Pearson Madeleine de Wilde
Points Junior Black Boys Div 1 Liam FitzSimon Nick Campbell Cory Loibl
Points Junior Black Boys Div 2 Stefan Baldwin Daniel Baldwin
Points Junior Black Girls Rochelle Healy Mollie Beehan

SIT 2013 Adults Results

Event First Second Third
Kata White Katarina McNaught Eve Carrol Cath Fawcet
Kata Blue Nicholas Banks Holly Taylor Clemett Paul Jones
Kata Yellow Kent Horan Matt Barker Angus Webster
Kata Green Hamish Woulfe Sam Phillips Wendy Trimmer-Beattie
Kata Brown Nardene Shatford Karen Scott-Howman Heather Garven
Kata Shodan Mashi Noguchi Joshua Dudley Julie Tasker
Kata Nidan Jacob Brennan Tom Davies Sophie Griffith
Kata Sandan Yohei Mikawa Angela Brown Michael Canty
Kata Yondan+ Kayoko Mikawa Marion Reichart Tony Gaeta
Weapons Shodan Mashi Noguchi Hatty Eberlein Clyde Clemett
Weapons Nidan Jacob Brennan Stewart Fletcher Zak Murdoch
Weapons Sandan Yohei Mikawa Alex Asher Angela Brown
Weapons Yondan+ Kim Moore Bu Windsor Tony Gaeta
Points Green Womens LW Ella Hurley Christine Barraud
Points Brown Womens LW Karen Scott Howman Heather Garven
Points Brown Womens MW Eleanor Kearns Allana Kirk Terri Fraser
Points Black Womens LW Kayoko Mikawa Hatty Eberlein Sayuri Noguchi
Points Black Womens MW Julie Tasker Lauren Bellis Anne FitzSimon
Points Green Mens LW Sam Phillips Luke Dacombe Bird
Points Green Mens Mid-HW Julian Bantas Edward Kerr Hislop Ryan Hayes
Points Green Mens SHW Dom Guenir Adrian Colyer
Points Brown Mens LMW Ben Phillips Jack Clement Scott Rankin
Points Brown Mens SHW Reuben Hammill Corey Shaw
Points Mens Kyu Masters Jose Perez Ed Davis Andrew Munro
Points Black Mens Masters Tom Spasevski Gerard Fearn Corrie Tabak
Points Black Mens LW Yohei Mikawa Sam Webber Mashi Noguchi
Points Black Mens MW Jacob Brennan Dave Wiliams Wayne Davidson
Points Black Mens HW Shodans Santino Gaeta Karl Loibl
Points Black Belt Mens HW Alex Asher Daniel Beker


Contact Green Womens LW Christine Barraud Ella Hurley
Contact Brown Womens LW Elaine Schou Nardene Shatford
Contact Womens KYU Heavy Amy McNabb Eleanor Kearns Eleanor Jackson
Contact KYU Womens Masters LW Heather Garven Jude Cameron Nike Sharma
Contact Black Womens LW Ally Morris Sandra MacLean Hatty Eberlein
Contact Black Womens MHW Julie Tasker Jennifer Dray Angela Brown
Contact  Green Mens LW Luke Dacombe Bird Hamish Woulfe Ben Edwards
Contact Green Mens HW Edward kerr-hislop Ryan hayes Daniel Roberts
Contact Green Mens SHW Don Trimmer Beattie Jimmy Johnston Dom Guenir
Contact Brown Mens LW Jack Clemett Christopher Samuel Ben Phillips
Contact Brown Mens MW Timothy Roosen Patrick McCann Scott Rankin
Contact Brown Mens SHW Corey Shaw Reuben Hamill Manu Lece√e
Contact Mens Brown Master Ed Davis x x
Conact Black Mens LW Benjamin Griffiths Matt Paki Tom Davies
Contact Blacl Mens MW Jacob Brennan Greg Briggs Wayne Davidson
Contact Black Mens HW Shodan Alistair Weekes Santino Gaeta Karl Loibl
Contact Black Mens HW Nidan Sandan Alex Asher Daniel Beker Michael Canty
Contact Black Mens SHW Lee Morris Alex Asher
Contact Black Belt Mens Masters Ian Brown Corrie Tabak

Promotion to Sei Shihan

Congratulations to Sei Shihan Ben who completed his promotion over the weekend of 26 – 28 April 2013. Sei Shihan (or ‘Master’)  is the title reserved for 6th dans who have held that rank for over 5 years; ‘Jun Shihan’ means ‘New Master’ and is for 6th dans who have held that rank for less than 5 years.

Birthday celebration

We’re celebrating Jun Shihan Ben’s 60th birthday with a special training and function on Wednesday 21 November. Everyone is welcome to attend the training (6 – 7pm) and to bring along items for a pot-luck dinner at the dojo (7 – 8.30pm).  Come and join us for this special evening.

Kyokushin national tournament

The Kyokushin national tournament will be held in the Westpac Stadium on 11 August. The event will feature a one-off match between Gary O’Neil (4th in the world tournament) and Goro Honda from Japan (in the top 8 of  in All Japan weight category). Register  by 20 July at Competition starts at 9.30 am.