Children’s programme

Nau mai, haere mai, welcome to the Children’s Programme at Seido Karate Wellington!

At Seido Wellington we welcome children aged 5 and over into our Children’s Programme. Our classes operate weekly during school terms. We are located upstairs at 32 Brooklyn Rd Wellington, the white building with a blue flower, just before the tennis centre.

If your child is aged 5 or 6, or they prefer a smaller environment, then our Wednesday Children’s Introductory Class would be their class. This class goes from 3.45 to 4.25pm, and is led by Sei Shihan Ben. In this class, children are introduced to a basic range of karate techniques in a fun and active class. They’ll also learn and practise our Seido values of love(being kind to all people), respect(for themselves, other people, their teachers, and the traditions of Seido), and obedience(doing your best all the time and giving everything a go). There are always places available in this class, and you can join any time. If your child would like to try this class, please email Sensei Julie, who coordinates the Children’s Programmes at Seido Wellington.

If your child is aged from 7 years up, their class would be Mondays from 5pm to 5.55pm. This class has typically about 20 students aged 7 to about 12 years, and it is from this class that children start the progression to gradings through the belt colours. This class is led by Senpai Cath, and in this class children learn a wide range of basic hand and foot techniques, kata and self defence combinations. When the student has mastered these forms, they will be invited to grade-a very exciting moment! When your child is promoted from the white belt beginner class, they’ll continue their journey in a new class, with new things to learn, new friends to meet, and new teachers to guide them. The Monday White Belt Beginner Class sometimes has a wait list, so please contact Sensei Julie to check availability. If there is a wait list, your child is always welcome to start in the Wednesday class until a place in Monday becomes available.

At Seido Wellington, we believe that karate is fun; yes, it’s a learning kind of fun, but nevertheless fun, and to spice things up, we have some exciting events, such as our annual Halloween Party, the Santa Party, the Children’s Fun Fish and Chip afternoon, and local tournaments, as well as dojo-wide movie nights, beach trainings, and a Holiday Programme that operates in each term holiday.

Sensei Julie can be contacted at

We look forward to meeting you and your child and starting them on their Seido journey! Osu!

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