Seido Wellington welcomes anyone who wants to learn karate in a friendly and safe environment. Under the guidance of principal instructor Ben Otang and a team of experienced black belts, Seido Wellington offers you the chance to experience an exciting and challenging martial art.

Seido Karate is a traditional Japanese style of karate, founded by Tadashi Nakamura in 1976. Now a 9th degree black belt, Kaicho Nakamura is chairman of the World Seido Karate Organization, based in New York. Over 20,000 students in seventeen different countries train in Seido Karate.

Seido Wellington began in 1983. Sei Shihan Ben Otang started his karate training in 1974, and now leads a club of over 250 students of all ages and abilities.

The club runs a full range of classes for children and adults, from beginners through to more experienced levels. Once you’ve completed your beginners’ course, you’ll work through a structured system that promotes you gradually from one grade to another. Light contact sparring begins after you’ve trained with us for a couple of years.

Seido Wellington offers special interest sessions open to anyone: stretch/yoga, and fitness. The dojo also has a fully equipped gym. Seido Wellington is unique in the Wellington region in running a weekly karate class for children and young adults with Downs Syndrome.

Whatever your grade, age or ability, you’ll always have the chance to train with a group, or for extra tuition, you can arrange private classes.

Sei Shihan Ben oversees four Seido dojo in the Wellington area including the main Wellington dojo, located in Brooklyn. Other Seido dojo in the Wellington area are based at Kapiti, Lower Hutt, South Wellington and Upper Hutt. Each is run by an experienced black belt and each offers a lively and friendly environment in which to train.

Seido Karate
Seido translates as ‘sincere way’ and has as its cornerstone the three principles of love, respect and obedience.  Its emblem is the plum blossom, which is also the family emblem of Seido founder and chairman Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura.

Through physical training, as well as focusing on the mind and spirit, Seido assists each student to use those principles to find his or her own non-quitting attitude. Seido Karate aims to help students face the challenges that may come their way, and not to feel overcome by setbacks. It also seeks to develop students to be strong contributors to their families and communities.

It is a style of karate open to anyone, regardless of age or ability. With an emphasis on personal, individual development, Seido focuses on the capabilities of each person, encouraging everyone to see where their abilities can take them.

You can learn more about the Seido philosophy on the website for Honbu – Seido headquarters in New York – or by trying a class at Seido Wellington.